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BYU ECEn 568
Microwave Remote Sensing
Fall 2018. Next taught: Fall 2020
MWF, 2:00 - 2:50 pm, 392 CB

Dr. David G. Long
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
440 CB 422-4383
Office Hours: TBD
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ECEn 568 Microwave Remote Sensing is survey course designed to teach the fundamental principles of microwave remote sensing. The course covers various topics in Microwave Remote Sensing with emphasis on spaceborne remote sensing of the Earth's atmosphere, land, and oceans. The primary methods and applications of microwave remote sensing are considered with both active (radar) and passive (radiometry) techniques covered. Key issues related to the design of spaceborne microwave sensors and their application are discussed along with radiative transfer theory. Sensor technologies such as radiometers, scattterometers, altimeters, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) are discussed. Textbook is F. Ulaby and D.G. Long, Microwave Radar and Radiometric Remote Sensing, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2014.

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Updated Jul 2018